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By rooting your smartphones you can unlock many features which can enable your device to work efficiently and gives you an opportunity to customize the interface as per your choice. The best part is that it does not require the help of external sources like a PC or a desktop, nor does it require the constant online connectivity. It can easily be done offline. Check steps to download KingRoot for iOS below

Many may think as to why rooting is needed, the only answer to this is that it increases the working of your device better, It also helps saves the battery of your device which is quite an important aspect of it.

Downloading KingRoot for iOS:


KingRoot for iOS

Download the kingRoot app from the main website for iOS.

  1. The setup file will be saved in the internal memory or on the external memory, therefore, open the setup file from where it is saved.
  2. Open the setup file and install the app, follow the instructions and it will install the app on your device in few steps.
  3. Once installed, go to the home screen and you will see the Kingroot app icon, click it to start the app.
  4. Further, click on the blue button to begin the rooting process.
  5. Further ahead, the rooting process will begin. The advantage of rooting is that it does not require help from an external device.

Rooting for iOS devices is known as jailbreaking. It is a term used where certain software and apps are designed to remove the restrictions on software usage set on iOS products. Jailbreaking, hence, allows the root access of the iOS file system which can allow the downloading of additional apps and software of changing the applications in use, which were there by default in the iOS products.

Some Key Features of KingRoot for iOS:


  1. Easy to use: It is quite easy to install and use application. It does not take much time in its installation. With just a few clicks the process gets complete.
  2. Works offline: The internet connectivity is not required all time, once downloaded it can work smoothly offline. The internet connection is required only to download the app set up.
  3. Safe to use: There is no malware while using it and is highly recommended for its safety. It is used by most of the people and has given positive reviews about it.

Points to Note:

  1. KingRoot is easy to use application for rooting and is quite popular among its users.
  2. The warranty of the device becomes void when the operating system of the device is rooted. One cannot claim the warranty when with the rooted device.
  3. Although, the warranty can only be claimed only after the device is unrooted.
  4. Uninstalling Kingroot app from your device is as easy as the installation of this app is.

The advantage of using KingRoot is that this software is completely free and easy to use. The only hurdle it may have that the installation instructions are mentioned in Chinese. Kingroot app is developed and managed by Kingroot Studios and is quite safe to use.

Meanwhile, rooting or jailbreaking an iOS product has its own disadvantages. The first being that you tend to be out of the ecosystem of Apple. Wherein the safety and the security offered to the iOs products offered by Apple is lost. It also tends to alter the inbuilt features and products in iPhones which may or may not be good. Also, Apple can easily find out when your device has been rooted, thus, you may lose out on the guarantee and stability provided to the Apple products.

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