KingRoot Apk | Download Latest Version 5.2.1 Kingroot App For Android

KingRoot App – The Most Trusted One Click Root Tool, also popularly known as the KingRoot Apk is one of the most powerful and popular rooting tools for Android devices. It is a free, one-click root tool that you can use to root both an android phone and tablet with great ease. The app is available for both Android and PC and after using it to root your device, you can use some of the most outstanding applications on your device which are otherwise not possible, for instance, Lucky Patcher. KingRoot is also regularly and frequently updated to add several new features to it from time to time and also to make it more and more compatible with new and latest devices. The KingRoot app is compatible with most of the devices so in case, you have had failure rooting your device with other tools, chances are KingRoot Apk can do it really well. It is quite easy to download the free apk file for android and free exe file for the PC from any of the genuine websites online.

KingRoot is the advanced rooting tool made especially for rooting of Android devices and PC as well. It is a Chinese application which is not yet officially launched on Google Play Store. However, this rooting application has garnered a reputation for rooting Android devices safely by keeping the data intact. Besides, rooting the KingRoot APK can also help Android users to get rid of junk files without any harm to the device. The rooting tool is safe and it can safely unlock the operating system to allow installation of restricted and unapproved applications on your device. Since it is not available officially in Play Store, You are required to download and install the APK file of the rooting application from reliable sources online. The process to download and install along with its features, all are mentioned below, so continue reading.

Facts About Rooting a Device!!

Before you decide to use KingRoot to your device, it is highly recommended that you know the facts about rooting your device. Read the following instructions or warnings about using KingRoot Apk:

  • Once you decide to root your device, the warranty of its software will be null and void.
  • Just in case you do not like your device after rooting, you have an option to unroot it.
  • The device that you are rooting can be damaged during the process of rooting or even once the process of rooting is over.
  • The company does not take up any responsibility for such damage caused by KingRoot to your device.

Features of KingRoot Apk:

  1. The KingRoot app, also known as the KingRoot Apk is one of the most popular, one click root tool that is widely downloaded for Android.
  2. The application is popular since it is the most trusted tool for rooting as well.
  3. KingRoot is one such unique tool that supports several devices, unlike the other applications that are its counterpart. It supports a total of 104136 models.
  4. Another reason for the popularity of the app is the fact that it is regularly updated. The frequent updates not only add multiple new features to it every time but also make it more compatible with several new devices.
  5. KingRoot is among those applications that have the highest success rate in the industry. The application has successfully rooted 98.2% of all the devices that downloaded KingRoot Apk to root the device.

Why Download KingRoot APK?

Kingroot apk

Before you download and start rooting your device with KingRoot, It is necessary to know its features and functions and how helpful it is for rooting of Android devices. There are many positive reasons behind downloading the application on your device and some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • No Data Connection Required – To root any device or PC, KingRoot never require any active data connection. It works offline and can root your device without the need for internet connectivity. Internet connection is only required at the time of downloading and installing the device on your device. This is the prime reason why this rooting tool is a must-have application for all Android users when it comes to rooting a device.
  • Easy One Click Rooting – The KingRoot APK comes with easy to understand interface and users can start rooting the device with just a single click of the mice. The process top installation is also very easy and after successful installation, you just need to launch the application and click the “Root” button at the bottom of the application to start rooting of your device.
  • Clean Apps from App Drawer – This is another major reason to download this rooting application as it not only roots your device but also purifies the applications in-app drawer. The applications are purified so that they can set foot on varied functions and activities like clearing cache data; saving battery and blocking the autostart applications.
  • Free To Download – No one prefers to spend money on an application and hence to address the need of those individuals, the developers of KingRoot APK has decided to make the downloading and installation free for all. There is no charge for downloading and installation installing the application on your device.

The Process to Download and Install KingRoot APK on Android Device:

The process to download and install the application on your device is very simple and easy. You simply need to follow few simple steps which are discussed below to download and install the KingRoot APK on your device successfully

  • Now download the APK file from Here and save the file in the file manager of the device
  • Now go to file manager and open the APK file to start an installation of the application
  • Wait for few minutes till the installation is over
  • Once the installation is completed you are required to launch the rooting application on your device by tapping on its shortcut icon available in the home screen of the device.
  • After launching, you need to tap on the “Root” button available at the bottom of the application to start rooting your device.

Guidelines for Rooting Android Device with KingRoot APK:

Once the downloading and installation of the KingRoot APK is over a shortcut icon will be created on the home screen of your device. You need to tap on the icon to launch the rooting tool and follow the below steps to start rooting your device.

  • Click on the icon and launch the application
  • You will see a new window asking you to root the device. There will be an icon “Root” at the bottom of the homepage of the application. You need to tap on the “Root” icon to start rooting your device
  • Wait for 5 minutes to complete the rooting process. Ensure that you have the compatible device which works with this tool or rooting won’t take place.

What are the Benefits of Rooting an Android Device?

You might be wondering as to why to take all the pains of rooting an android device? So here is the answer, following are some of the benefits of rooting an android device:

  • It Removes or Uninstalls Bloatware

Whenever you buy any device, it comes with pre-loaded with several applications that you might not need or are completely useless to you. They will also eat away a lot of storage on your device and cannot be uninstalled either. Such applications are called Bloatware and since they cannot be otherwise removed, rooting your Android device becomes your only choice. Rooting your device will increase your battery life, speed your device and make it more efficient by freeing the storage on the RAM.

  • It Can Block Unnecessary Ads on Your Device

This one is a very interesting benefit you gain with rooting your device. Everybody wants to get rid of the annoying ads that we experience while playing a game or using an app. These ads are not just intrusive but also have high chances of bringing malware with them. This problem can also be solved by rooting your device. Once you root your device, you can use several ad blockers that are easily available on the internet to block the ads. It must be noted here that KingRoot does not use any direct way of blocking ads on your device.

  • It Improves the Battery Life of Your Device

Our phones are constantly working until they are switched off. Tasks like displaying time, running background processes, receiving mobile signals on a continuous basis consumes much more battery than you can imagine. Once you root your device, you have more options than merely recharging your battery to improve the battery life of your device. A rooted device can make use of several applications like Amplify Battery Extender, or Greenify to improve the battery life. The process of uninstalling Bloatware (as discussed above) will also improve the battery life significantly.

  • It Allows for Advanced Customization

Anybody who owns an Android device will know certainly that its biggest advantage is its customization, which also makes it more popular than iOS. Once you root your device using KingRoot, there are no limits to customization. As we all know the process of rooting gives one the access to the core of the system, you have unlimited possibilities for you to customize your device both in the way it looks and functions. Over and above that, KingRoot app uses technology that is so advanced that it allows the user to open up its device to new possibilities.

  • It Makes for Efficient and Advanced Backup

After rooting the device with KingRoot, the user can also backup the data easily from the applications. Such a backup is much more efficient and advanced than the usual backup since it allows the user to get the same app in the same condition and also with their personal settings and login details.

How to Download KingRoot for PC on Windows and Mac?

Now when you are well aware of what all you can do with this application you would now get the direction how you can download and install this most wonderful application in your android as well as PC Laptop of Windows 7,8,10 and Mac OS. Download Kingroot for PC

Download KingRoot for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Free

Rooting for iOS devices is known as jailbreaking. It is a term used where certain software and apps are designed to remove the restrictions on software usage set on iOS products. Download KingRoot for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions About Rooting and KingRoot:

  • Ques: What does rooting mean?
  • Ans: The process of rooting gives the user an access to the core of the system and with that one can do anything to the core of a system which is otherwise not possible.
  • Ques: Is rooting a safe and recommended method?
  • Ans: The process of rooting is considered unsafe by a few people since they damage or brick their devices in the process. But today, there are 100% safe methods available to root your device which takes away any kind of risk associated with the process. However, if you are too concerned, it is advisable that you check how your device will respond to rooting and what are the experiences of other people using the same device as you?
  • Ques: If I root my device and then subsequently unroot it, what will happen to my warranty?
  • Ans: The warranty of your software will continue as the company will not get to know that you have rooted your device earlier.
  • Ques: Is KingRoot compatible with all the devices?
  • Ans: While KingRoot is not compatible with all the devices, it is certainly compatible with most of them. It supports a total of 104136 models which is more than any other competition in the same industry.
  • Ques: What is the process to remove KingRoot?
  • Ans: You can remove the app easily without any inconvenience, just follow these instructions:
  • Open the KingUser app and on the top right of the Home screen, click on the settings menu.
  • Click on the second option, ‘Root authorization setting’.
  • Look for the fourth option that says ‘Remove Root Permission’ and click on it. The KingUser will be removed automatically with that click.


KingRoot has become the most popular tool for the process of rooting. While on one side, there are a lot of fears associated with the process, on the other hand, the process of rooting has also become quite common with all the Android users. The process helps the users to enjoy several features of their devices that they cannot otherwise.